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Core Aeration is an important key to the health of your lawn.  As your lawn ages, the soil below becomes compacted.   These compacted areas are the worst at the top 2-3” of your lawn which is caused by traffic, mowing etc.  Compacted soil does not allow the roots to properly absorb water and nutrients.


The process of core aeration includes using an aeration machine to remove small “cores” of your lawn, leaving holes.  These holes help break up the compacted areas below the grass and provide many benefits. 



The benefits of aerating your lawn include:


  • A Greener lawn
  • A fuller lawn
  • Less bugs and disease
  • Overall healthier lawn


Aeration allows:


  • Fertilizer to penetrate below the surface
  • Water to penetrate below the surface
  • Air to penetrate below the surface
  • Creates new growth areas for roots
  • Soil to become less compacted
  • Prevents water puddles